Tempo offers front-end services including:

  • Site productivity reviews, productivity tools, and consultancy
  • Constructability reviews
  • HAZOPS reviews
  • Cost estimating and feasibility reviews


Tempo offers consultancy on progress monitoring, time and motion studies, and work site efficiency evaluations. Productivity is all the above, but primarily a behavioral-based approach to work which can only be mastered by groups who actually bring "practice" to "theory". This is the fundamental difference between Tempo and any management consultant who offers support on these matters.

Productivity is at the core of our values. Our Enterprise Resource Planning system, and our site-based productivity tools have been developed to offer the lowest installed field execution cost, by achieving the highest tool times and earned progress.

We are proven experts who can consult with clients using a team-based approach to implementation that makes change sustainable. We work collaboratively with clients on everything from assessment to strategic field planning and execution and provide the education and coaching needed on both the technical and the human sides of change to drive productivity cultural shifts within any organisation.

Our integrated and scalable project control system allows us to obtain accurate reporting of daily time (Tool Time) spent on planned productive work (base work scheduled for the day), unplanned productive work (emergent works), planned unproductive work (lunch breaks, pre starts, etc), and unplanned unproductive work (permits to work, material delays, etc).

This information, together with lagging data such as S – curve, burned versus earned, cost to complete reports, etc, allows us to maximize the effectiveness of any front line work force.

Constructability in Design

Tempo advises on the most appropriate design to ensure safe, cost effective, efficient and environmentally sensitive solutions. Utilizing a combination of installation methods, each project is tailored individually, depending on environmental constraints, terrain, and other factors, and delivers the best possible outcome for clients.

HAZOP Reviews

Tempo provides construction expertise during HAZOP to prevent, detect, contain or mitigate the hazards identified. The use of detailed design drawings and guidewords ensures that the entire plant is systematically assessed for hazard and operability issues.

Cost Estimating

Tempo provides comprehensive cost estimating solutions to project teams. We provide assessments for planned, ongoing, and completed construction projects. Our estimating services include: master planning cost estimating and analysis, cost evaluation of design alternatives, preparation of design-phase estimates including conceptual, schematic design, and design development.