Tempo's working philosophy has been deliberately developed to facilitate the resolution of issues by those physically doing the job. We require our front line workers to be the major contributors to all major processes and developments. The absence of lengthy approval processes, and the empowerment of the workforce, encourages the immediate resolution of issues.

In our execution-led business it is our front line workers who drive our success. By inverting the organisational pyramid  Tempo adopts an innovative, flexible and effective mindset, whilst also maintaining an agile and lean organisation.

Tempo's bottom-up leadership philosophy can be summarised as follows:

  • Consistently developing work practices by seeking front line engagement at the inception stage of any project.
  • Team leaders (supervisors) retain the ownership for planning and executing jobs at site.
  • Regularly soliciting suggestions for improvements from the front line so employees can do their job as effectively and safely as possible, instilling a culture of continuously improvement in the pursuit of mastery.  
  • The management system is the wedge that locks in the learnings and guarantees compliance.